Ether PornStars

Make your favorite adult star rise to the top of the ranks to become the next smart contract star. Become a crypto-tycoon by buying ownership stakes in porn studios. Play games and watch your coins grow!

Available Stars

Pick Your Star - Pick Your Studio - Own the Network

How it works

Ether PornStars is a game centered around digital Stars and Studios.

You can purchase your own star, choose from over a thousand stars! There are multiple studios, each offering a different game and perk for your star.

Stars can own studios, receiving your portion of the revenue a studio makes! A new studio opens every two weeks with its own unique game!

Buying a star instantly earns you StarCoins. StarCoins are what you use to play the studio games or purchase a stake in the studios. StarCoins can be exchanged for ether.



Game- Slots

Win up to 30x your coins with Bazzers' slots! Or buy the studio to get the revenue when players lose, it's win-win! Stars that join with this studio will enjoy extra affiliate rewards.

Realty Kings

Realty Kings

game - Next Top PornStar

Cast your vote on which real pornstar will rise the most next month on PornHub! Winner takes the whole pot! (Minus a 10% cut that goes to the stakeholders.) Stars that join with this studio will enjoy a bonus on all their ownership stakes, become the Realty King!

Why Ether PornStars?


  • Unlike other Ethereum-based tokens, you can exchange your StarCoin for a fixed amount of Ether.
  • Your ether from star purchases is stored in the contract wallet ready for withdrawal.
  • You will NEVER lose your studio stake!


  • You can't increase your stake after an initial stake purchase, so no single star will own the majority of a studio.
  • You can still own the network with a little! The studios pay out indefinitely.

Let's GO!

The EPS team will not stop until we're the #1 DApp.

A new studio will open every 2 weeks, Ethereum’s most groundbreaking DApps are coming soon only on Ether PornStars!

Your favorite star is waiting for you.

Available Stars