Studios Bazzers and Realty Kings Launch

September 14 2018 • Read on medium

Bazzers slots is the slot machine game you know and love combined with the power of ethereum smart contracts. It costs 0.1 StarCoin a play, with payouts ranging from 0.1 to 3 StarCoin.

There is a slight house edge, but your star can capture that by buying a stake in the Studio. Be the house!

You cannot increase your stake after your inital stake purchase. You cannot sell your stake, but you are free to transfer your star, which also transfers the stake in the studio.

Star Perks - Bazzers

Stars that choose to join with this studio will enjoy affiliate rewards. The contract generates a personal link for you. When someone visits the site via this unique link, they have your star id stored in a cookie that tracks all site purchases they make, now and in the future. Your link is generated as soon as a star is purchased.

You instantly receive 50% of their purchase value in StarCoin - no questions asked, no hassle. If THAT person chooses to join with Bazzers, and someone joins on THEIR link, you instantly receive 25% of the purchase, continuing on up to 5 levels. Get the picture? It’s perfect for power marketers!

Your affiliate payments are tied to your star, if you transfer your star to someone, the future payments will also be transferred!

Realty Kings Next Top PornStar is a monthly contest where you can vote on which PornStar will go up most in PornHub’s top 100 list. Twenty random stars are selected from this list, and users who pick the one that increases the most in rank over the month take the whole pot, minus a 10% fee which goes to the owners.

It costs 0.1 StarCoin a vote, which goes to the pot, and you can vote for multiple PornStars to hedge your bets. Do not vote for the same PornStar twice, you will not receive an increased payout.

Star Perks - Realty Kings

Stars that choose to join with this studio will enjoy a 5% boost to any studio stakes they purchase. Become the Realty King!

If you want multiple perks, you can buy multiple stars.

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