Getting Started with Ether PornStars

October 31 2018 •

Ether PornStars is a trustless, crypto real-estate blockchain game running directly on the Ethereum network. Here are the basics of how EPS works:

You can become a Stakeholder in Ether PornStars by directly purchasing a stake on the contract

50% of the money goes to the current Stakeholders, 50% goes to the pot.

The last person to buy a stake at the end of a round wins the pot!

Stake purchases add time to the timer and marks them as the current leader. There is a multiplier that adds a bonus to your stake puchases. Over time, the multiplier decreases slightly. When the timer reaches zero, the last person to buy a stake wins, and a new round is started.

Players can add a message which will be displayed to all visitors of the site for free.

To play, you must first purchase a star. A basic star costs 0.2 ETH, while premium stars cost more. The ether is transferred to our StarCoin contract, where it rewards you with the same amount of StarCoin that your star cost - you get 0.2 StarCoin for a basic star. Your star joins a studio, which offer different “perks”. Read our Bazzers and Realty Kings to find out which is right for you.

StarCoin is the currency of Ether PornStars, you can play one of our studio games or purchase a stake in the studio. When a user plays a game, the fee in StarCoin is transferred to the studio’s balance. All studios are designed to make slightly more than they reward in the long term. The balance of these studios is paid to users periodically, proportionally to the percentage stake of a user’s star.

To view or buy a stake in a studio, visit its page. You cannot increase your stake after your inital stake purchase. You cannot sell your stake, but you are free to transfer your star, which also transfers the stake in the studio.

To cash in your StarCoin for ether, visit the exchange.

A new studio will open every 2 weeks, Ethereum’s most groundbreaking DApps are coming soon only on Ether PornStars!

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What do I need to play?

To buy a stake in Ether PornStars, you need a wallet or exchange account with Ether, a form of digital payment that powers Ether PornStars. To buy a stake, simply send at least 0.02 ETH to the contract address. Once your transaction is confirmed, your address will be the “lead address”. When the timer runs out, the contract will send the entire stake pot to the lead address. You also receive dividends from future stake purchases proportional to the percentage stake you hold. To withdraw all your dividends as Ether, simply send 0.01 ETH to the withdrawal contract. You can also reinvest all your dividends for a larger stake; send 0.01 ETH to the reinvestment contract.

For access to all of our studios and features, you need the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox with MetaMask, a digital wallet used specifically with web apps.

You will need to install MetaMask, a digital wallet. You will need to put money in it to make your first purchase. Note: A digital wallet like MetaMask acts like a bank account—treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your seed words or the password.

Getting Ether

If you have another currency such as Bitcoin, we recommend to conveniently convert and send ETH to your MetaMask wallet. For U.S. citizens only: you can buy ether (ETH) in MetaMask. For everyone else: you will need to purchase ETH from an exchange, and then transfer the ETH from your exchange wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Unfortunately, you cannot play Ether PornStars with only an exchange account.

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